Peppercorn Spice Fragrance Oil



PEPPERCORN SPICE: Peppercorn spice fragrance oil combines the sharpness of peppercorns with the warmth of spices and the subtle sweetness of woods and amber. It’s a sophisticated and versatile scent, suitable for both personal care products like perfumes and candles, as well as home fragrance applications. The blend of spicy and aromatic elements makes it ideal for those seeking a complex and inviting fragrance experience.


Top Notes:

  • Peppercorn: The fragrance opens with a pungent and spicy note of black peppercorns, delivering a sharp and invigorating sensation.

Heart Notes:

  • Spices: Warm spices like clove and nutmeg add depth and complexity to the scent, creating a rich and aromatic middle layer.
  • Herbs: Undertones of herbs such as basil or thyme might be present, enhancing the freshness and adding a subtle earthy undertone.

Base Notes:

  • Woody: A base of woody notes, possibly cedarwood or sandalwood, provides a sturdy foundation for the fragrance.
  • Amber: A hint of amber might lend a soft, warm sweetness to balance out the spice, adding a smooth and comforting finish.




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