Oud Wood Fragrance Oil



OUD WOOD: Oud Wood is a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance that belongs to the Private Blend collection. This scent is renowned for its rich and exotic aroma, characterized by a blend of rare and expensive ingredients.


  • Top Notes:
    • Rosewood: Adds a slightly floral and woody scent, providing a fresh and elegant opening.
    • Cardamom: Introduces a warm, spicy, and slightly sweet aroma, enhancing the richness of the fragrance.
    • Sichuan Pepper: Brings a hint of spicy heat and tingling freshness.
  • Heart Notes:
    • Oud (Agarwood): The star ingredient, oud, offers a deep, rich, and resinous scent that is earthy, woody, and slightly sweet. It is known for its complexity and depth.
    • Sandalwood: Adds a creamy, smooth, and woody note, balancing the intensity of oud with its soft and milky character.
    • Vetiver: Provides a dry, grassy, and earthy aroma that complements the woody notes.
  • Base Notes:
    • Tonka Bean: Contributes a warm, sweet, and slightly nutty fragrance with hints of vanilla.
    • Vanilla: Adds a creamy, sweet, and comforting touch, enhancing the overall warmth and sensuality.
    • Amber: Provides a rich, warm, and resinous note that adds depth and longevity to the fragrance.

IFRA and SDS Coming soon.

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