Honey Fragrance Oil RTS



HONEY: Honey fragrance oil captures the essence of honey in a refined and versatile form, ideal for those seeking a comforting and sweet aroma with a hint of floral and gourmand complexity.


  • Honey Accord:
    • Sweet Honey: A rich, warm, and sweet note that mimics the aroma of natural honey. It can vary from light and floral to deep and caramel-like, depending on the specific blend.
  • Floral Tones:
    • Orange Blossom: Adds a subtle, floral sweetness that complements the honey note.
    • Jasmine: Provides a delicate, exotic floral scent that enhances the overall fragrance profile.
  • Gourmand Accents:
    • Vanilla: Sometimes included to add a creamy and sweet dimension to the honey scent.
    • Caramel: Offers a richer and more decadent sweetness, often found in honey-based fragrances.
  • Warmth and Depth:
    • Amber: Adds a warm, resinous note that enhances the depth and longevity of the fragrance.
    • Benzoin: Provides a sweet and balsamic undertone, contributing to the overall warmth of the fragrance.
  • Subtle Herbal or Woody Undertones:
    • Lavender: Occasionally used to add a touch of herbal freshness to balance the sweetness.
    • Sandalwood: Offers a soft, woody base note that adds depth and complexity to the honey fragrance.




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