Frasier Fir Fragrance Oil RTS



FRASIER FIR: Frasier Fir fragrance oil captures the essence of the crisp, aromatic scent of the Fraser fir tree. This oil evokes the fresh, clean aroma of a winter forest, combining the scent of evergreen needles with subtle undertones of earthy cedarwood and sandalwood. The fragrance typically features top notes of citrus, middle notes of fir needle, and base notes of musk and wood, creating a well-rounded and deeply comforting scent that is perfect for the holiday season or any time you want to bring the outdoors inside.


  • Top Notes: Bright and refreshing hints of citrus and cool, crisp air.
  • Middle Notes: Dominant and invigorating fir needle, providing a true-to-life evergreen scent.
  • Base Notes: Warm and grounding cedarwood and sandalwood, complemented by subtle musky undertones.



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