Cranberry Pear Bellini Fragrance Oil RTS



CRANBERRY PEAR BELLINI: The Cranberry Pear Bellini Fragrance Oil starts with a burst of tart cranberry and bubbly champagne, evoking the freshness and excitement of a celebratory toast. As the fragrance develops, the sweet and succulent notes of pear and red apple emerge, creating a luscious and inviting middle. The base notes of creamy vanilla and subtle white woods provide a warm and sophisticated foundation, making the scent well-rounded and enduring.


  1. Top Notes:
    • Cranberry: Fresh, tart, and slightly sweet, providing a vibrant and invigorating opening.
    • Sparkling Champagne: Effervescent and bubbly, adding a festive and celebratory feel.
  2. Middle Notes:
    • Pear: Juicy, sweet, and slightly floral, offering a smooth and luscious heart to the fragrance.
    • Red Apple: Crisp and sweet, complementing the pear with a familiar, comforting fruitiness.
  3. Base Notes:
    • Vanilla: Warm, creamy, and smooth, creating a rich and comforting finish.
    • White Woods: Subtle, clean, and slightly woody, adding depth and complexity to the overall aroma.




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