All Natural Pillar Blend RTS

1 carton equals 50 lbs


Soy is too soft to use as a pillar or freestanding candle so we have added palm and Canadian beeswax. This wax will produce crisp clean lines with your metal or silicone molds.  Just make sure to let it cool a bit before adding scent as it will burn off your scent quickly.  This wax is recommended to only use a maximum of 5-6% fragrance/ essential oil.

This wax is a very hard wax and will require 2-3 top ups when making a solid pillar to prevent air pockets in your mold candles.

Colour – medium to dark beige in colour, you will not be able to produce a white pillar with this wax.

This wax should be heated to 185- 205 degrees F or  85 – 96 degrees C to achieve a full melt.

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